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What is a Visa?

Visa is a legal document allocated by the government that provides the authority to a person for entry in a territory of the country other than his own homeland over a period of time for a specific reason. It is considered a valid document for crossing the borderline of a foreign country. However, the actual entry in any country depends on the permission of immigration officers.

Visa for South Africa

Like other countries, South Africa has the right to decide whom it should allow entry in its territory. Therefore, everyone must carry a visa, which is a type of screening used by the immigration officials that includes detailed information about a person’s purpose of visit and duration of stay. It is a deed that confirms your entry in a foreign country. Also, it is necessary for a valid entry in the port of South Africa, although the actual entry depends on the decision of immigration officers, who do not validate a person’s entry unless they are satisfied with the given information.

Visa Requirements in South Africa
  • You must carry a legal document, which includes information about the duration of staying in a foreign country over a specific time span.
  • You should bear a valid document for entry in a foreign country along with sufficient funds in the bank’s account.
  • You must buy a return ticket as well as your passport must have two blank pages at the end.
  • You require a yellow fever certificate if you have to travel across yellow fever belt of Africa.

Depending on the country where you stay, you may require a visa. However, all foreigners must possess a valid passport. Tourists, who belong to the USA, Japan and Scandinavia along with the travellers from the most Commonwealth countries of Europe don’t require a visa for holidays over a period of up to 90 days. If they want to stay more than 90 days, then they require an official visa.

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