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You will never want for a happening night out in this Jacaranda city. With every type of bar and pub imaginable, it is a night lover’s dream come true. The varied hot nightspots littered throughout the city will satisfy your every craving for a night out.

Bars and Pubs

Eastwoods Entertainment Lounge

This award winning pub is guaranteed to give you a good time. It is especially filled to the maximum during lunch and after office hours. It is equipped with a large outdoor deck and has some of the best deals for steaks and beer on offer.

Address: 391 Eastwood Street, Corner Eastwoods and Park Street, Pretoria, South Africa 0083
Phone: +27 12 344 0243
Neighborhood: Arcadia

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Nolween

Tings an’ Times

This bar has adamantly stuck to its roots and steadfastly ignored passing trends. This is a live music venue and the crowd is often an eclectic mix. Popular with students on late night weekends, dancing carries on till the wee hours of the night. The pitas served here are definitely worth checking out, as they come loaded with delicious stuffings.

Address: 1065 Arcadia Street, Hatfield Galleries, Pretoria, South Africa 0083
Phone: +27 12 430 3176
Neighborhood: Hatfield
McGinty’s Irish Pub

The pub is Irish to its soul with good music, laughter and loud talking echoing through the pub. A good menu to choose from and live music to keep you entertained. What more could a person ask for?

Address: 1119 Burnette Street, Hatfield Square, Pretoria, South Africa 0083
Phone: +27 12 362 7176
Neighborhood: Hatfield
Cool Runnings

The place has a Hawaiian vibe and is a treat for hardcore reggae fanatics. The outside is unmistakably painted in a riot of colours. Banana split, tequila shots and three coloured shooters adorned with a banana slice, make this a good place to be in!

Address : 1071 Burnett Street, Pretoria, South Africa 0083
Phone : +27 12 362 0100
Neighborhood : Hatfield

This is a gay and lesbian nightclub where some of the most celebrated DJ’s can be found in Pretoria! There are comfortable couches placed all along the club for relaxing, when people are zonked out from all that heavy dancing!

Address: 531 Fehrsen Street, Pretoria, South Africa 0181
Phone: +27 82 567 8894
Neighborhood: Brooklyn