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Welcome to Pretoria.com! We are part of the Travelagents.com Network and one of over 50 Online City Guides - offering the best online travel deals from a choice of well known providers. Pretoria.com provides a variety of information on available activities and travel services around the Pretoria area.

Our hotel booking service gives the user the ability to search and book hotels directly within the desired city. Pretoria.com provides not only a simple online booking service but also offers a travel reservation hotline for those that prefer the personal touch and wish to discuss and/or book their hotel via a friendly operator: Domestic Toll-Free for US and Canada: 1-800-997-1438, Worldwide: +1-817-983-0682.

Our hotel booking service is very user friendly and offers the user a list of countless hotel options, from economical to luxurious, depending on what the user is looking for. As well as an overwhelming choice of hotels to explore through, each hotel also features a map with its exact location in order to help the user identify if that hotel will be situated appropriately for their trip. This is another useful tool, especially for those going on a business trip who will need to be conveniently located near specific areas in the city.

Secondly, our flight search tool offers the user a list of flight deals from a choice of leading providers which can be compared.

Along with our superb hotel booking service and a competitive online flight provider tool our site is very beneficial to any holiday maker or business traveller. In addition to this, we even offer interesting information on the city itself. Detailed information is included from general city background, climate, economy and travel tips to entertainment opportunities such as historical and modern attractions, activities, places to go at night, shopping options and much more. Everyone knows how important it is to plan ahead in order to utilise the time you have, so Pretoria.com is useful in helping you do just that by exploring your destination before you set off into the sunset.