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Pretoria, a casket of cuisines, is one of the major tourist hubs serving millions with a range of gastronomies. Try a variety of meals in lavish eateries at different sites in the city. With an array of restaurants, you can order delicious foods as well as choose to eat at a low-cost restaurant.

In Pretoria, you can hang out at many places such as the famous Greek tavernas, traditional steakhouses and upmarket restaurants. Amongst the listing below, choose one of the favourite dining spots.

La Pentola

Wherever you stay in Pretoria, it is by default that you will get attracted to the energetic and lively environment of La Pentola, an Afro Parisian bistro waiting to unleash cool atmosphere with a mouth-watering meal. Set your mind to enjoy luscious African cuisines with a bit influence of European recipes.

Address: 5 Well Street 5 Riviera Galleries, Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 329 4028

Resembling a steakhouse, the eating-place is much more than a simple restaurant with all the set of facilities. It is a unique example of intermingling classic and sumptuous atmosphere. Well-maintained, it depicts various accolades and awards to create a beautifully staged space. One great place to hangout with family serving a range of lip smacking foods such as melt-in-the-mouth venison carpaccio, duck salad with fruit on lettuce and a light honey dressing.

Address: 22 Dely Road Club 2 Shopping Centre, Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 460 5063
The Greek Easy Ouzaria

If you are looking for an authentic Greek taverna, then your search ends at the Greek Easy Ouzaria, a cottage restaurant situated in picturesque street in the students' quarter. Ready to serve a set of traditional dishes, including grilled lamb, dolmades, beef and pork. Don’t forget to try the grilled aubergine with tomato and herbs as well as chicken kebabs with pita bread. In addition to that you can order a range of beers, ouzos and ciders.

Address: Corner of Haymeadow, Hans Strijdom Drive the Boardwalk Shopping Centre, Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 991 7963

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/Heidi Bauer

Café Riche

A perfect place for diplomats, lawyers, tourists and business people, Café Riche is housed within a national monument situated in the centre of Pretoria. This type of art nouveau café is an ideal place if you are looking for typical South African dishes with a blend of continental touch. Other foods include home-made cake, superb coffee and tea. Upon demand, this dining spot serves local wines, imported beers and other liqueurs.

Address: 2 Church Square, Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 328 3173
Pride of India

A heaven of North Indian cuisine, Pride of India is a famous restaurant serving a variety of delicious and colourful dishes along with superb Indian desserts. This Indian restaurant is finely craved with elegant designs including a central skylight, tinkling fountain, subdued lighting and filigreed pillars. Taking a meal at such an amazing decorated restaurant is indeed a lifetime experience for anyone.

Address: 43 George Storrar Drive 22 Groenkloof Plaza, Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 346 3684

Beside above restaurants, there are many eateries such as Greenfields Hatfield, Brasserie de Paris, Cynthia's, Prosopa and Ritrovo Ristorante. These restaurants are like gems and offer an incomparable dining experience.